Do one thing on your holiday... switch off

The temptation to stay connected on the beach or on the mountain can be tempting. But please don't. Go and rediscover something else instead.

By Dan Slee

Remember when you were a kid and summers went on forever?

Sunshine, football in the park, playing with your friends and with your dad on the beach.

Those holidays help build memories that helped you through some bad times in the years ahead.

What made them special?

Probably, in a nutshell you switched off and filled yourself with time spent with loved ones doing good things.

You didn't take a blackberry with you so your teacher could get hold of you.

You didn't take a few reports with you to catch up on.

Nor did you take some heavy texts on playground strategy.

So, on your next holiday take a break.

Switch off.

Leave the internet behind.

Take a 10-year old phone with no web access.

We're not machines. We're supposed to pulse.

So put an ice cream in your hand this holiday. Not your blackberry.

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