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Media law has always been important.

But how long has it been since you and your team refreshed your knowledge?

Media law affects the printed word but also the tweeted and Facebooked word too.

We are working with former McNae Essential Law for Journalists editor David Banks to deliver a day-long workshop on the up-to-date media law. 

David has trained journalists at the Daily Telegraph, Mirror Group and other newspaper groups across the UK. He has also worked with comms teams across the public sector to give advice and training.

What you will learn

- Current media law that covers social media.

- Current media law that governs customer service online.

- The ability to help your team, elected members and senior officers stay safe online.

- The knowledge needed to challenge where appropriate inaccurate and defamatory statements posted online.

- How to make a complaint to a newspaper in a post-Press Complaints Commission landscape. 

Who is this for?

Suitable for anyone with an interest in the changing media landscape.

PR and comms, customer services and legal officers. 

How do I get to the London venue?

The Parcel Yard is at Kings Cross railway station in London.

PRICE £234 + VAT

That's great. How do I sign-up?.... There's two options. Firstly, you can book through a traditional invoice by emailing Secondly, you can also email to request an e-invoice that can be settled with any credit card.