the most popular blogs in september

It's champion! We're up for the cup! September saw an excellent clutch of blog posts but who came away with the coveted most read blog? Something that captured the spirit of London 2012.

by Dan Slee

September. Don't you just love it. A month of mollow fruitfulness where Summer gracefully gives way to Autumn.

The long glorious pageant of London 2012 came to an end with the Paralympics and the Europeans beat the US in the Ryder Cup.

Of course, the best part of the golf was on Twitter the sight of lots of people rooting for Europe but in the same tweet distancing themselves from the idea of the EU. How very British.

Here's a quick run-down of the five most read posts during the month.

And it was the spirit of the Olympics that is in first place.

1st Gillian Hudson from the 10 Downing Street comms team whose blog post Another London captured the chance of atmosphere in the capital city during the event. The post talked about how the Government used digital to communicate with a human face. You can read it here.

2nd August's most popular post remains stubbornly big in the charts with the late Dan Harris' post on not being obsessed with a single Facebook page with big numbers. Have lots of little niche ones, says the former Moo community manager. You can read it here.

3rd Byebyebirdie UK's Carol Caveney's post on why blogging is good for business sets out how and why a blog for a company can work. You can read it here.

4th Helen Reynolds, Monmouthshire's excellent digital chief, spoke of the benefits of opening up access to social media in an organisation. No, the world didn't end. You can read it here.

5th Darren Caveney's post on 10 by 10 WM big-upped the event during social media week that saw 10 speakers come together to talk for 10 minutes about something that was happening with digital innocvation across the region. You can read it here.

Dan Slee is co-creator of comms2point0.

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