42 pearls from #ciprsm

The CIPR social media event in London was an event worth following. Tucked in amongst the tweets was a treasure trove of good learning.

by Dan Slee

Back in 2008 when we were getting to grips with the social media landscape the last place we found inspiration in some amazing places.

There was the hyperlocal bloggers experimenting with open data to tell a story. 

The former BBC journalist talking about how journalism is dead.

The local government innovator who was experimenting with freeing up content on Flickr. 

Ideas and inspiration pinged across Twitter amongst people who had met at unconferences. Free events organised by like-minded people. Not by an organisation.

Gradually we came to see innovation in some unlikely places which shaped our approach and what we did.

The last place we thought to look for inspiration was the CIPR - the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Hmmm. Weren't they the grey people with the big budgets and all the time in the world?

I'm glad to say that some things have changed. The CIPR Conversation is a web resource that seeks to gather together blog posts from across the sector.

The CIPR social media event in London was another example of a sea change. Some cracking content was shared via Twitter on the #ciprsm hashtag.

But with a £260 per ticket admission for members - £400 for non-members - that puts it firmly out of the price range of the public sector.

Still. Here are some pearls for those - like me - who didn't go.  

Paul Hutchinson ‏@Hutch_PR

Correcting earlier tweet @Sheldrake "#socialmedia is measurable with sufficient diligence Measure what you SHOULD not what you CAN." #CIPRsm

Richard Bagnall ‏@richardbagnall

#ciprsm Want to follow the march to social media measurement best practice & standards? See #smmstandards & http://www.smmstandards.org #measurepr

The Dragon Fairy ‏@Puffles2010

@stuartbruce: "PR becoming more appealing as a career to people who are socially responsible" @alexpearmain #ciprsm” Agree/disagree?

Andrew Fielding ‏@wobable

O2 SM operators define their tone of voice themselves. Meet monthly to review and discuss including missed opportunities #CIPRsm

escherman ‏@escherman

"Liking people is a required PR and social media skill/attribute" says@alexpearmain = misanthropes need not apply #ciprsm

leonchaddock ‏@leonchaddock

"@oursocialtimes: NEW: How to use social media monitoring for a product launch http://ow.ly/2sYWI2 " >nice post based on my talk at#CIPRsm

Paul Hutchinson ‏@Hutch_PR

@AlexPearmain "Twitter is the new 18th century coffee house. It is transformative and will continue to be." #CIPRsm

Bradley Ryan ‏@brdryan

Verity shared with us how social media has contributed to departmental savings at #Defra - http://bit.ly/VG28I8  #ciprsm@verityhambrook

Alistair Wheate ‏@alistairtweet

"Re-define what we do as an industry in a social world. Attitude shift: put the relations into 'Public Relations' "- @alexpearmain #ciprsm

Metrica ‏@MetricaMeasures

RT @farhan__jamal: RT @CIPR_UK: At o2 data shows that social media interactions improve customer satisfaction figures #ciprsm

Paul Hutchinson ‏@Hutch_PR

@AlexPearmain "we need to have an 'engagement culture' where it's welcomed not feared." #CIPRsm

Richard Bagnall ‏@richardbagnall

@leonchaddock: Favourite fact of day is according to klout@big_ben_clock is influential on drugs as it says bong a lot#CIPRsm” >> ha! :-)

Stuart Bruce ‏@stuartbruce

"People are becoming more likely to use their real personal identities online" @alexpearmain And being forced/encouraged to #ciprsm

Andrew Bruce Smith ‏@andismit

"I was asked by a journalist to drop the word PR from my job title as I wouldn't be taken seriously if left it in" sez @alexpearmain #ciprsm

Stuart Bruce ‏@stuartbruce

"Communications is going to become even bigger and more important" @alexpearmain #ciprsm

Nicola Gibb ‏@nicgibb

O2 runs social media using a team created from lots of individuals from all different disciplines including PR and customer service.#ciprsm


Not about telling audiences, PR is about listening. The more you understand, the more you and your organisation are empowered#ciprsm


The media is a 24 hour machine. News can break at any time. PRs have a huge level of responsibility #ciprsm

Jarrod Williams ‏@jarrodwilliams

#CIPRsm People who work in PR have moved on from working with journalists. We're now 'Community Managers'

Andrew Fielding ‏@wobable

For those 4/5 who haven't heard of the Barcelona Principles...http://po.st/fGipBe  #CIPRsm #StreamTakeaways

Andrew Fielding ‏@wobable

"Traditional media is dead" discussion. The same discussion arose when radio and TV appeared re the death of newspapers! #CIPRsm#Stream2

Diane Green ‏@sequins16

What makes social media campaigns work? quirky, authentic, have social value & would work in the real world @thirdcity #ciprsm

Jarrod Williams ‏@jarrodwilliams

#CIPRsm Understand new platforms, but don't be ruled by them.

GemGriff ‏@GemGriff

RT @alistairtweet: Social Media can give a couple of hours warning of what is about to appear in mainstream media says @DefraGovUK#ciprsm

Paul Hutchinson ‏@Hutch_PR

Look at the outcomes of your strategy. It's not just about mentions and retweets, if you reach your goals. #ciprsm #stream2

Stuart Bruce ‏@stuartbruce

RT @alistairtweet Regional press becoming less relevant as orgs like police build their own online engagement channels #ciprsm@bailey9799

Jarrod Williams ‏@jarrodwilliams

#CIPRsm "we can't wait for the regional media anymore, we need to build our own audience" Social media replacing press as first POC

Paul Hutchinson ‏@Hutch_PR

Social Media gives Assoc. Press access to eyewitnesses of world events and report in real time. #CIPRsm #Stream1


People are using phones everywhere. To try and communicate via one channel is missing a trick #ciprsm

Paul Hutchinson ‏@Hutch_PR

Social media is everyone's responsibility. All departments in an organisation should be able to use it. #CIPRsm #Stream1

Paul Hutchinson ‏@Hutch_PR

Pintrest is 3rd highest source of referral traffic. Images are helping attract people to brands. #CIPRsm #Stream1

PressPage UK ‏@PressPageUK

@LauraOliver: To PRs-make your corporate newsroom a place that helps journalists by gathering and linking to other info/sources -#ciprsm

Ollie Taylor ‏@OllieMK

BBC: "We wanted the Olympics to do for digital what the Coronation did for TV in 1953". #ciprsm

Katie King ‏@katieeking

.@suellewellyn says 'the age of the press release is dead...' #PR#ciprsm I believe it still has a shelf life but must evolve & be 'seeded'

Jarrod Williams ‏@jarrodwilliams

"It's not just about niche audiences any more. It's about microniche." I'd say this falls into the world as hyperlocal #stream1 #CIPRsm

Christine Townsend ‏@ceetownsend

"#socialmedia is *everyones* job. It has to be in your strategy. Not just the person in the corner who can use Facebook" #CIPRsm

Metrica ‏@MetricaMeasures

RT @nicgibb: 150m tweets during Olympics, obvious peak in numbers when gold medals won #ciprsm

Christine Townsend ‏@ceetownsend

"Develop a narrative to draw people in. Emotion is powerful. Use people to tell stories" > works well in police comms #CIPRsm

immediate future ‏@iftweeter

150 million tweets during the Olympics! Fascinating chart showing peaks in chatter presented by @sophiebr. Data goldmine... #ciprsm


150 million tweets during this summer's #Olympics social media was key in requests for live video #ciprsm

Jo Tanner ‏@ThatJoTanner

@suellewellyn says we still largely have a 20th century mindset when it comes to newsgathering. #ciprsm


Cameras, live blog and twitter wall set up. We're ready for #ciprsmconference! Not here? Check out our live blog:http://www.cipr.co.uk/content/newsroom/live-blog …


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