closing for christmas and my festive media bucket list

Christmas is coming. It's a time to switch off, watch bad films, read good books... and write us a blog post?

by Dan Slee

Father Christmas would really like you to do four things this year. Eat. Drink. Be merry and knock out a 300 word guest post for comms2point0. Trust me. He really would.

Of course, he's too busy wrapping presents at the North Pole to tell you himself so he's left us to do it for him.

We'll be taking a break over the Christmas period. In a factory shut-down kind of way we're shutting up shop.

Closing on December 21 we'll be back with a kind of review of the year predictions arrangement on December 31. Okay with you?

But during that time we'll be taking an idle few minutes to stockpile a few things for the New Year. Which is where you can come in.

If you've read, agreed with or disagreed with anything we've written in 2012 then 'thank you'.

If you've worked in or around comms this past 12-months you may have something to write or share. An idea or a case study. You know that stuff about a digital footprint? Here's where you could make your own.

Drop us a line at or

Here's my media bucket list for Christmas.

1. Buy the Radio Times. Circle in pen the stuff I want to watch at leisure. Programme my Virgin recording thing.

2. Watch Polar Express on Christmas Eve after a bracing tramp in the countryside.

3. Buy a book to read over Christmas that will help you in the New Year. Me? I've got 'Nudge' by Thaler & Sunstein thanks to Ice Creates.

4. Re-visit my LinkedIn. Give it a Spring clean.

5. Buy a classic Bank Holiday film for when all else fails. Dunkirk or Where Eagles Dare does it for me.

6. Feel as though its fine to switch off over Christmas.

7. Make a New Years resolution to write or comment on a blog that's shared by #weeklyblogclub hashtag.

8. In spare, idle moments when the kids are in bed write one of the nine blogs on my self-imposed to-do list.

9. Take photographs, edit them and actually make some prints this year.

10. Watch the Olympics opening ceremony again. With the Danny Boyle commentary.

11. Examine the world through the bottom of a pint of cider.

12. Switch off for a bit a bit more.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0. He also blogs here.

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