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Want to not miss out on our blog and some choice links and events? Relax. We're starting a weekly round-up email you can sign-up for.

by Dan Slee

Doh! That feeling when you miss out on stuff... horrible isn't it?

That's why we're launching a weekly round-up that'll deliver comms2point0 goodness to your inbox by email.

Because we love you.

Oh, yes we do.

For the past six months on Comms2point0 we've posted on our site case studies, ideas and inspiration from some of the finest brains in public relations and communications.

We also tweet every day half a dozen links that have caught our eye.

We've a Facebook page too.

What could you have missed?

Lots of good stuff that'll help you.

There's been content on everything from what comms teams should look like, the 10 Downing Street cat and Northumberland County Council's QR code campaign to stop people driving into the sea.

We've had the Friends of the Lake District on a fellside campaign, how Yammer has taken hold in an organisation and Mantis PR on why being a case study is a good idea.

We've also had Cornwall County Council getting started on social media and content marketing basics from Aspectus PR.

Bet you missed some of those when they were posted first time around, didn't you?

You'd only be human if you did.

This is where our email would come in handy.

It'll have:


  • Some links to blogs posted on this site in the last week or so.
  • Some links we've spotted from across the internets.
  • It may also keep you updated on events that we've spotted that look quite good.


All you have to do is fill out this sign-up form.

Feel free to forward the link to friends and to colleagues too.


Sign-up for our weekly digest. You can do that here.

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