the most popular blogs in august

Here's a round-up of our most popular posts in August and it's winner is something of a tribute to its late author.

by Dan Slee

It’s a bit of a bitter sweet round-up is this month.

At the end of most months we round-up what’s popular and what is not and award the winner a fine quality Chinese plastic cup.

This month we can’t do that because the winner isn’t here to receive it.

Dan Harris contributed a cracking post earlier in the year on why Facebook isn’t about big numbers but the right numbers.  We’d spoken by email about him writing more.

As community manager for Moo!  He’d built a great reputation for his work in social media that was built on solid foundations from his days in local government.

I knew Dan only a little.  I’d met him when he was in local government and a warmer, more affable, humorous and passionate chap I’m yet to meet.  His one major flaw was about his football team, Arsenal.  My team, Stoke City, had clashed several times with them and yet I was always prompted on Twitter to tell Dan to look away when I was about to launch into a tirade because I didn't mean him.

Just everyone else attached to his football team.  Because I liked Dan.  It was hard to dislike him.  Goading Dan by suggesting he loved Stoke manager Tony Pulis was how Dan broke his blogging silence for us.

I was stunned at hearing about his death outside the Olympic park. Others far closer to him than me spoke more eloquently about his warmth good humour.  Quite what they felt and feel - like his girlfriend Cecilia, his family, friends, colleagues at Moo and former colleagues - I can only imagine.

I didn’t even think of tweeting his post after hearing the news but I was nicely surprised when his post somehow emerged as most popular in August.

It’s timeless stuff.  Do read it.

First place is Facebook... don’t go for big numbers by Dan Harris of Moo.

Second place is Why blogging is good for business by Carol Caveney of byebyebirdieuk.

Third place is Another London by Gillian Hudson on secondment to the Government Olympics digital team.

Fourth place is lessons for the lonely PR by Lyndsey Narey

Fifth place is 37 skills and abilities needed in PR by Dan Slee of comms2point0.

Dan Slee is co-creator of comms2point0.

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