a crowd sourced list of bumper christmas present ideas for pr, digital and comms people

So, Christmas is getting closer and the goose is getting fat. But that still doesn't help you buy something rather good for the comms, digital or pr person in your life. Ever keen to help we've drawn-up a knockout list of present ideas.

by Dan Slee

It's happened to us all when we've opened a present under the gaze of a loved one only to find it's a beige jumper two sizes too small.

"Thank you," you somehow manage to say with a forced smile. "That's really lovely," you say in a test of your diplomatic and public relations skills.

But there is now no need to spend Christmas Day looking like Alan Partridge just in order to make your Gran happy.

Here's a list of festive presents specially for comms people who belong to the ever generous and ever loving comms2point0 community.

We's created some Amazon affiliate links to the present ideas too, so if you do buy you are contributing to the upkeep of this marvellous website for which we thank you.

Mike Hind may want an easy way to calculate metrics, Dan Bowsher may want an off button but that's just never going to happen. However, here's a few that work...


So, people are increasingly digital these days. But really and truly is there anything as satisfying as writing down your thoughts into a really good notebook. Or rather, a Moleskine Large Plain Notebookand Jon Hickman agrees. 

Not only is a notebook a wise investment, Jon says, but he also suggests mechanical pencils to complete the note scribbling experience. Like this: Rotring Tikky Black Barrel set of 3 Mechanical Pencils (0.35mm, 0.50mm, 0.70mm)

Jon Paul Little suggests a Belkin LEGO Builder Case for iPhone 5 and 5s - Yellow which can do you a good job of being both fun and functional.

Emma Rodgers suggests a giant foam hand to help you pat yourself on your back. Just like the ones we had at commscamp. You can see them here: Palm Printed Giant Foam Hand Pointy Finger (Red)


Tim O'Lloyd has come up with the idea of the Tubesiration book. The idea is basic. You can use a trip on the underground as a means of thinking more creatively. So, no more sitting from Embankment to Bank thinking about how rubbish it is not to have an internet signal. Cheers, Tim. The link is here: Tubespiration: How to Get Your Next Brilliant Idea by Using the London Underground as a Creativity Tool

One of the highlights of my year was an excellent two days spent with Leeds Metropolitan University's PR team Anne Gregory and Paul Willis as part of the LGComms future leaders course. It challenged, cajoled, reinforced and enlightened. They've written a book together and if you are interested in public relations invest in a copy. It's called: Strategic Public Relations Leadership.

I didn't come across Euan Semple for a long time but his book Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do: A Manager's Guide to the Social Web is essential. If you read one book to make sense of the social web make it this one. It doesn't panic. It doesn't scare. It explains and summarises. It's excellent.

During the summer I came across a crowd-funded project from Liam Barrington-Bush. His target was to raise the cash to publish Anarchists in the Boadroom a look at how organisations can not only be more like people but can take some of the ideas behind the global Occupy movement and make them work in an organisation. It's readable and suggests ways of working that can generate results. It's not aimed at PR people per se. It's about organisations. But I'd strongly recommend it. 

Lastworduk, Richard Bailey and Rachel Miller all suggested Brand Vandals as it was a veritable romp through the world of PR. Or to give it its full title: Brand Vandals: Reputation Wreckers and How to Build Better Defences: Corporate Reputation Risk and Response

Sophia Blackwell and Chris Brown both suggest the CIPR anthology Share This Too: More Social Media Solutions for PR Professionals

Richard Evans who has blogged for comms2point0 has written a fine history of one of the first originators of modern PR. You'll like it: From the Frontline: The Extraordinary Life of Sir Basil Clarke



My former colleague Matt Murray who runs the excellent commsgodigital blog in his native Brisbane in Australia suggests the small but fun Raspberry Pi Model B (Rev2 512MB RAM). It's a very basic computer than you can programme to do all sorts of different tasks. It's a good way to learn how computers work while messing about. In other words, it's digital lego for growed-ups. You can get the guidebook Raspberry Pi For Dummies for it too.

Many mourn the passing of Flip cameras. They're video cameras that can fit into your pocket as they are shaped the size of a mobile phone. You can still pick them up and they're worth having. Nick Booth of Podnosh drafted this useful guide to which one may suit you.

And if anyone fancies buying me a new HTC One 32GB UK SIM Free Smartphone - Silver then I'd be very grateful. 

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0. 

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