who was post of the month in november?

So, it's the day of reckoning. With 2013 slipping away and just two more highly sought after 79p trophies for post-of-the-month to award, which posts were hot in November?

by Dan Slee

Rather like the Oscars of the comms blogging world the post of the month cups can quite literally change careers.

An addition of the highly-prized prize can lead to overnight joy, better fortunes and a pay rise from a boss who has now recognised the wisdom of the winner.

Ever heard that line about being a prophet in your own land and never getting heard?

That's so often the case but with the post of the month this can be turned on its head.

In fifth, when social media can be a career killer by Liz Bridgen senior PR lecturer at De Montford University tells the story of how research shows that sometimes getting bogged down on the delivery of social media isn't good for the career.

In fourth, a crowd sourced list of bumper Christmas present ideas for PR, digital and comms people by Dan Slee has proved a hit with people in search of a gift idea. 

In third place, almost as a blogging Dark Side of the Moon Carol Caveney's Three C's of Business Blogging makes a triumphant return to the charts 16-months after it was first posted. 

In second place, engagement and abseiling by Victoria Ford of the DVLA saw her tell the story of how allowing TV filming can build engagement was a fascinating read. Sometimes public relations

can take some surprising forms.

In first place, Ade Capon's rallying cry behind the #housing day Twitter event really caught the imagination. We've long admired his work and he is really making a difference in housing comms. His post promoted the event which saw people from across the sector make a difference.

Well done and thank you to everyone who wrote posts and a special thank you to eveyone who stopped by and read them. You are lovely.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

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