up for the cup - january's top posts

Well the January blues didn't stop us receiving a swathe of great posts. But which one was good enough to nab the coveted, shiny, £1 cup for the month's most read post...

by Darren Caveney

January 2013 will be remembered at comms2point0 HQ as a good month. A very good  month.

We love it when we get to feature and share posts which genuinely make you stop and think.

Which make you shout 'Yes!'.

Which give you a fresh perspective.

Which spark new ideas.

Which sometimes make you think, 'nah, not a chance.'

Here's the top five most read, in reverse order (just to build extra excitement... )

In at number five came Channel shift: a future for public sector comms in 2013? by Dan Slee.

At four the insightful Thriving after redundancy by Jenny Procter.


Sailing in at number three Why every organisation needs Trojan mice by Dan Slee.

Flying in at two the questioning - If the residents' mag goes, what next? by Lisa Green.

And blasting in to the number one spot the quite brilliant tale of Torfaen Council's Elvis impersonated, gritting classic - In the Depot: A Perfect Viral Storm by Neil Jones.

That will be the first of many an award this year for Neil and the folks at Torfean, we think.

Darren Caveney is co-creator of comms2point0 and vice chair of LGcomms

photo by me

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