up for the cup: june's top posts

It's the most eagerly awaited news of the month. Who is in the coveted top five of most read posts on comms2point0? Who? Who? Have I won? Will my CV be decorated with a silver cup from those nice people? Wait no longer! The answers are in...

by Dan Slee

So, the stats are in, the numbers have been crunched and the most popular post of the month can now be announced.

It's also been a busy month with some excellent quality of writing. We've added more than a dozen posts to the site that's worth taking a look at.

The winner as ever gets to have a finest quality Chinese plastic cup that will be the envy of their workplace, family, street and town.

In fifth place, local government press officer Theresa Knight blogs on unimpressive newspaper websites and why this isn't a shock. It's amazing how news companies but such scarce resources into perfecting something which could be their salvation.

In fourth position, we find head of media for Diabetes UK Richard Evans and his excellent post What would Basil Clarke the father of the British PR make of today's industry? Basil was the first government press officer and was appointed during the First World War. Richard has written a biography of the great man and his take on what he would have made of the landscape today is worth a look.

In third spot, why gov.uk is the best sight on the web by Dave Thackeray looks at the design on the UK central government website, why it works and why he loves it so much. Dave is great. He also has something called Thacknology too which we recommend if you are interested in tech news.

In second, journalist Iain Robinson's observations on the quality of press officer went down a storm. Iain is news editor for Public Servant and speaks to quite a few. In where have all the snotty press officers gone he recalls the battles he used to have to ask a simple question. Is that a story? Is that REALLY a story? Why do you want to know?

In first spot, a slow burner of a post which caught on fire this month and really set light to some thinking was Steve Chu on his challenging post on the future of fire comms. It's also a post that needs looking at if you are interested in the future of public sector comms. Well done Steve! You can read the post here.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

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