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December was a busy month on comms2point0. Therre were presents to open. There was cake to eat. There was a clutch of posts led by one about a rave outfit and how they did pr that captured the imagination.

by Dan Slee

Okay, I'm a bit biased but I rather like the idea - coming from Stafford - of a Stafford rave group assualting the charts 20 years on.

Altern8 on Birmingham's Network Records launched a campaign to be number one after a fan's Facebook page suggested the idea.

Run entirely on a shoestring and powered by social media Mark Archer turned things on their head by making 33 in the charts with 'Activ8'.

We're no strangers to posts from the music industry. Steve Jenkins wrote about how good music will fail with bad pr. If you haven't read it, you must. He's the man who signed Britney Spears and is responsible for more top 40 hits than almost anyone else in British charts history.

But we're hugely pleased that a post about what Altern8 can teach pr people made it to the top spot and was most popular post in December.

Here's the full run down:

1. What Altern8 can teach pr people - the band were almost as famous for their scams as they were for their era-defining music. They played a live PA in the car park of a nightclub much to the dismay of police and when at the top of their game released just 10,000 copies of their next single promising to burn the tapes.

2. What @justinesacco teaches us about pr Twitter blunders - Justine was a PR person who posted a racist tweet before she boarded the plane. While she was in the air the tweet went viral with the hashtag #hasjustinelandedyet trending. This was either righteous justice or an online lynch mob depending on how you look at it. Either way there are lessons for comms people.

3. Why Balloon Releases are a Bad PR Idea - In the 1980s play book the balloon release was a great idea to make a visual splash and make people go 'ooooh!'. The only thing is critics say this is littering on a wide scale and wildlife groups such as the RSPB have been increasingly vocal. 

4. Engagement and Abseiling - just another day in the office - Like the 'Dark Side of the Moon' Victoria Ford's post just keeps returning into the charts. It's a great post about how the DVLA agreed to filming at their tower block headquarters and the good things that resulted.

5. Comms? It's getting more digital say the 2013 survey results - More than 200 people took part in the annual survey to look at how the industry is shaping up. There were some fascinating insights.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

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