twitter chat: Have your say on local government social media advice

We're helping the LGA draw-up some useful advice for local government and social media. We want you to help too on the #lgadigital hashtag between 1pm and 2pm on Thursday October 9.

by Dan Slee

One of the things that's close to my heart it is how social media in local government.

It's fired my imagination since I started working with it back in 2008 and I know it fires my long time colleague Darren Caveney too.

It can connect, listen, talk, explain and communicate with a whole raft of people who wouldn't otherwise think of talking with local government.

So much of what we do has been fired by how local government has used social media so we are now delighted to be working with the national voice of local government Local Government Assciation - LGA - on some guidance to councillors and councils in England & Wales.

We've also been amazed at the response with more than 120 people contributing to the survey which will help shape the document and make sure it reaches the right people. We're also hugely grateful to those we've spoken to for advice and opinion - not least Carl Whistlecraft and Dave McKenna from the localgovdigital group.

As part of this drive we're staging a Twitter chat along with the LGA folk between 1pm to 2pm on Thursday  October 9. The hashtag will be #lgadigital and do drop in. It'll be a chance to connect with people from your sector who are doing some fine things. We'd love to hear your view too whether you are an amateur or a veteran.

We'll also look to gether examples of some good examples of local government social media. Post them onto Twitter with the #lgadigital hashtag. We'd love to see them and see if we can include them in the advice we give.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

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