unawards update - and thank you

When we dreamed-up the unawards we wanted something easy to enter, social, not in London and something that everyone could enter. The response has been truly staggering. Thank you. Sincerely.  Here's the next steps.

by Emma RodgersDarren Caveney and Dan Slee

Wow and we mean wow. We simply have been overwhelmed with the number of award entries we've had for our unawards.

We knew it was hotting up  - our twitter antenae was telling us that you were pretty keen on the idea and yesterday, in true transfer deadline day style we saw the fruits of all that discussion result in over 200 award submissions.

We have loved the build up, the last minute rush and the enthusiasm from wide and far. We've even had two entries from outside the UK. All in all, it's fair to say 'Our cup has literally runneth over' and that is a really, really good thing.

So a massive hat tip to everyone who has taken part and a heartfelt thanks too. What's even more brilliant is that we've seen the quality and it's pretty top notch. It makes us proud because you've now made our job really tough as we look to shortlist entries over the next couple of days. And this comes despite many other great people we know up and down the country being reluctant to shout about what they do in these challenging times. 

What happens next? 

Shortlist announced on November 17

We're going to get our heads down in the next few days and whittle down the entries into a shortlist. We'll be announcing the awards shortlist and the details of those that are going forward for the public vote on November 17. Check back on comms2point0 then or sign up for the comms2point0 weekly email to find out if you've made the cut. 

Our judging team

We're also drafting in some extra help in the form of expert judges from a range of sectors to make the final decisions. We'll be letting you know who they are once confiirmed. It's important to state that all judges won't be judging categories they have a declared interest in. So if Dan or Darren has done some work for you they won't be judging you. That's the fairest thing.  

Ticket releases

The Electric cinema has a capacity of just over 100 so we're having to make every ticket count. The open early bird sale of tickets at £20 is now over. Well done if you snapped one up.

  • 20 November - tickets priced £25 go on sale to the shortlist - ONE per shortlisted organisation.
  • 27 November - tickets priced £30 go on general sale

Any questions drop a note by email to dan@comms2point0.co.uk or darren@comms2point0.co.uk or @comms2point0 on Twitter.

Thanks again - you're all great and we're really chuffed that you've done great things. Give yourselves a big pat on the back. 

Darren Caveney, Dan Slee and Emma Rodgers are organising the comms2point0 unawards. 


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