17 ace present ideas for a comms person

You know that feeling... you're looking for present ideas and you just don't know what to get the comms person in your life.

by Dan Slee

Last year we came up with a range of present ideas that we thought people would like. Then we noticed Matt Murray's commsgodigital selection and were prompted to come up with a selection of our own for you to take a look at.

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You can, of course, feel free to shop elsewhere for them too. But all the selections are what we think a comms person may like.

Analogue things to write on and with

Yes, I know we're quite digital and all that but we're also really big fans of good paper notebooks and this  Moleskine Soft Extra Large Plain Notebook does a rather good job of being stylish, functional and fab to write on.

Of course you would be lst without something fab to write with hence this rather natty Parker fountain pen.

Digital things 

Last year I splashed out on two bits of tech that I absolutely swear by. Firstly, I'd suggest a HTC M8 smartphone which has performed brilliantly and puts up with stacks. Secondly, earlier this year I was after a notebook with a huge memory that could be slipped into a small bag and would be fine to use in a cafe or a train. The Lenovo Flex 10.1-inch notebook does that spiffingly.

We haven't got round to it yet but we're ging to get a rather funky Raspberry Pi as a place to learn the basics of code and computers.

We were at a great session in Cardiff earlier this year where we met a former BBC cameraman who now advises people that shooting film on smartphones is the future. The only bit of extra kit he suggested was this Smartlav Lavalier microphone for smartphones. It's on our list.

Say bye-bye to almost flat mobile crisis time. If you are ever stuck with a flat mobile this XIAOMI USB charger will come in handy 

Things to read

The turkey has been eaten and you've slipped away to miss the Queen's Speech. What to read? Here are three choices.

Firstly, Liam Barrington-Bush's Anarchists in the Boardroom: How Social Media and Social Movements Can Help Your Organisation to be More Like People gives a guided tour of how the Occupy movement can give lessons if you work for an organisation. It's a cracking book.

Secondly, danah boyd's It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens is an abslute must-read if you are interested in the social web. Based on research and interviews the book maps out what the challenges are and how young people use the web. It's peerless.

Thirdly, Euan Semple's Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do: A Manager's Guide to the Social Web remains an abslute gold standard book in a sea of rubbish. Buy it. Buy it for everyone. It really is that good.

Fourthly, when we canvassed for ideas last year Tubespiration: How to Get Your Next Brilliant Idea by Using the London Underground as a Creativity Tool was an unexpected bonus. If you work in the city or spend a lot of time of public transport do try it.

Other cool stuff

Of course, if you are planning an unconference you may like thumbsUp! Like and Dislike Stamps or the crowd directing campmaker-style Palm Printed Giant Foam Hand Pointy Finger (Red). And once you are in the room and gathered no unconference or sprint is complete without a big pile of post-it notes. Then theres the Social Media desktop reminder stickers.

If there was just one thing we'd recommend

Everywhere these days claims they have Wi-Fi. Hotels, trains, cafes and even chip shops. Have they heck. What they have is one bar to share between 30 people. It's the digital equivalent of gathering around a candle to keep warm. Without question the best thing we bought all year was this Huawei E5331 High Speed 3G Mi-Fi that ensures you have a signal on the move. Hallelujah.  

And if you only watch one film about mountains this year

Make it this one. We missed out Terry Bond's crowdfunding for this but when it was released as a DVD we didn't make that mistake. Buy it here: Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike - a year in the life of England's highest peak in the Lake District

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

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