up for the cup: november's most popular posts

Who won post of the month? Eyes down for a full house.

by Dan Slee

In all the fun of the unawards its easy to overlook the rolling chapter of democracy that is the monthly post of the month.

Ladies and gentlemen, democracy.

This is why my grandfather marched 1,000 miles reatreating through the Burmese jungle in the Second World War.

It is why the Indian Sanghas of Alexander the Great's time gathered and why Pericles brought people together under an Ancient sun with the enticing words that make free men smile and the oppressed weep: "Are the any apologies for absences? No. Right, first item on the agenda it is then."

In short, people, why Churchill wanted to fight them on the beaches was so we could hold democractic votes like the comms2point0 post of the month.

So in the style of a dull returning officer standing in front of a tired pull-up banner with a logo selected from a children's competition, let me start by thanking the police and the counting staff who have done an exceptional job in making the awards happen. 

Thank you also to everyone who has contributed and to everyone who has read and shared a post.

There have been no spoiled ballots.

Lorna Perry, of Shropshire Council got the most page views for her post on using Whats App as a comms channel. 

I got the second highest number of views for his post on tips on contributing to a Twitter event. It was a doozy and I can't believe it didn't win.

Susan Neal came third for her post on tips for producing good posters which just shows, doesn't it, that we're not a bunch of digital-only snobs here.

Fourth was a post by me on why NHS people communicate prompted by a private surgeon wondering why his former colleagues did so.  

Fifth was a post by me on the social media guidance we drew-up with the LGA for health and wellbeing boards which are relevant for other sectors too.

Bad luck me and Susan. As returning officer, I declare Lorna a winner of a priceless silver cup.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0. 


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