launching a justgiving for nordoff robbins

With the unawards and Christmas upon us what better time to launch a fundraising drive.

by Dan Slee

Merry Christmas. As its the season of good cheer we thought we'd do our own bit to raise money for a good cause.

The lifetime achievement award at the unawards is named after Dan Harris. To some within the public sector digital community the name is familiar. So is @gecko84 his Twitter name.  To others it is not, so let me explain.

Dan worked in local government and never lost his passion for the sector and using digital communications to communicate better. He was part of my network on Twitter and someone I met several times at events. I used to love bouncing ideas off him. Online and in person. After a break from blogging we managed to persuade Dan to return to the craft as a guest blogger on comms2point0.

He was an engaging writer who was passionate about using social media better and became a community manager at Moo. He was a good bloke. It's a shame he supported Arsenal.

A keen cyclist Dan died while cycling on London roads in 2012. We felt hugely sad and we know that the people and family who knew him and loved him felt that much, much more.

Fast forward a few years. When it came to naming the lifetime achievement award we thought of Dan as someone who had achieved in a short time.

With his former girlfriend and family's permission they were happy for us to do that. As a fundraising subject, they subjected Nordoff Robbins as something that Dan would have approved of. A sum of money they donated after his funeral went to this charity and made a difference to an autistic boy. That sounds just a bit brilliant.

What the fundraising is...

We'd love it if you donated. Every £5 donated to the Justgiving page buys a virtual 'ticket' that we'll put into a real hat on December 23 and pick a winner. If you win you get half a day of my time as consultancy. This may be for your company or organisation. This may be just for you. This may be for a group or club you belong to. This may be training, advice, a workshop or even for us to write a blog post. Whatever it is, you decide. The time is free but we ask that you cover travel (if its for a voluntary group or a charity, I'm sure a cup of tea and cake would do fine.)

So, do please donate something at this time of year at the JustGiving page here. Thanks! 

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

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