up for the cup: april's most popular posts

Every month we award a plastic cup to the winner of the most read post and the competition is sublime. Forget Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City in the Premiership. This is on another level.

by Dan Slee

It was another good month for posts on comms2point0 with another clutch of case studies, how to guides and think pieces.

It was also a month where I left local government comms to spend the time exclusively on comms2point0 and met some ace people and worked on some rather good projects.

It's true to say I've rarely worked so hard and yet I've never loved working so hard. 

I've also saved around £300 from not driving on the M5 and M6 every day on the regular commute which is rather wonderful. Hooray!

But enough of that. Who won the top post? And what were the top five?

1. Inspiration comes from some curious places and a launch event at Euston Station staged by Virgin Trains proved inspiration for Natalie Corney. She was impressed by the togetherness the train staff showed. They were not going through the motivations but were really enthusiastic about he job they did. There is a lesson there for internal communications in every organisation. You can read it here and well done Natalie.

2. Budget communications is a growing field in local government as the sector seeks to explain where the budget can be spent. It's a mix of communications and listening with the purpose of intelligence gathering and of late there has been some impressive examples of how to use as many communications channels as possible. Sarah Lay from Nottinghamshire County Council gave an explanation of how to use infographics as way of communicating. But not just that. Interactive infographics. You can read more here. 

3. We love Liam Barrington-Bush. We really do. He wrote 'Anarchists in the Boadroom' and he looks to blend the lessons of the Occupy movement and other protest groups with large organisations and tries to find out how those organisations can be more like people. More human and less impersonal. That way they can do a better job. He wrote an excellent post on why you don't need a social media policy. You can read it here.

4. Was a post by some bloke called Dan Slee about leaving local government but I wouldn't bother too much with it really. 

5. Geoff Coleman's post on an inspiring idea of how Twitter could be a way of telling the front line local government story reached the top five. Well done, Geoff and I can see this idea flying. He was inspired by other accounts that were passed from person to person to build-up a picture of what people did, thought and aspired to in a particular sector. You can read it here.

Dan Slee is co-creator of comms2point0.



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