'vote for the lovely people...'


Okay, so who hasn't at least once while watching the Oscars mentally composed an acceptance speech?

Of course, when I take the podium at posh hotel in LA I'll recite the words "Thanks Mom, thanks Dad. Thanks, family. Thank you, God. Gee, I feel so humble..." and then I'll burst into tears.

A nice thing happened the other day when were were short listed in the Digital by Default News Digital Leaders 100.

Or rather we were long listed. There's a hundred. But we're down in the new start-up category. After almost three years of doing this in our own time me and Darren Caveney my oppo set comms2point0 as a company and I'm doing it full time which means longer hours, more fish finger sandwiches but most importantly the chance to do more things with good people. 

The awards will recognise the top 100 individuals, organisations, and products making a real difference in the world of citizen-facing eServices. Lockheed Martin are amongst the sponsors.

What also really made us smile was that a rash of people we know and rate were also on the list and several of them have written guest posts for comms2point0.  So vote for us if you'd like two grown men burst into tears after thanking, Mom, Dad, their families and God.

But most of all vote for the lovely people... Sarah Lay, Natalie Luckham, Helen Reynolds and Emma Rodgers who have all guest blogged for us in the past but most importantly done great things in their own right and by doing so you will allow truth and justice to prosper and strike a blow for justice, humanity and cake.

You can vote here: http://www.digitalbydefaultnews.co.uk/digital-leaders-100/


Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

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