my podcasting guest debut

A good podcast educates, informs and leaves you wanting more and I don’t listen to anywhere near enough of them.

by Dan Slee

I’m delighted to say that the excellent Dave Briggs has started a podcast where he talks to someone about what they’ve been doing that week and talks to them about some links they may have come across.

Dave has done some fantastic work understanding how the internet and the social web can work in government and local government and he continues to do great work most recently looking at how digital skills can benefit the workplace through his worksmart project.

I’m even more delighted to say that Dave asked me to be a guest on the first podcast he recorded and we spent an engaging 45-minutes talking.

You can hear the podcast here:

We spoke about quite a few things including failure and the benefits of failure, the content14 event in Cardiff, Pete Ashton, infographics, Helen Reynolds and ChannelShiftCamp North.

The full links and show notes can be found on Dave’s blog here.

It promises to be an interesting series with more guests and I’d urge you to pay attention.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0. 

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