up for the cup: posts of the month double roll-over

It's a double roll-over post-of-the-month this week as we look at the popular posts for May and June.

by Dan Slee

Forget the World Cup... the trophy they all want to lift if the miniature plastic number that goes with the coveted title of post-of-the-month. The most read post on comms2point0.

This month it's a double award winner as looking back we just plain forgot to award the prize in public at the end of May.

We did, however, tell Steph Gray that his post on video in government communications had won and I think it's fair to say that even though the former government departmental head of digital has done some amazing things, built a business - Helpful Technology - based on sound ethics and good product that this is his Finest Hour. So to give Steph his moment of glory...

The comms2point0 post of the month for May was Six Youtube Film Styles That Work in the Public Sector by Steph Gray.

But this leaves June in whi ch there were some real corkers.

In 5th place, always the bridesmaid and never the bride, was Dan Slee with 'What is My Future of Comms' ahead of the excellent FutureComms event in London.

In 4th place, was Launching the comms2point0 Unawards by Dan Slee a post that no doubt will go down in history as significant as the newspaper article that launched, say, the Oscars.

In 3rd place, the perpetual non-winner Dan Slee with 'Proposals for Social Media in Health and Wellbeing Boards,' a post to see how the LGA can im prove what this corner of the public sector does with digital.

In 2nd place, 'The Press Release is Dead Theory... Here's the Practrical,' by the excellent Amanda Nash.

In 1st place, '66 Nuggets I Picked Up at Comms Academy' by Darren Caveney who, let's face it, doesn't write anywhere near enough as he should do.

Well done Darren and Amanda and everyone who has read, shared, commented and written for comms2point0 these past two months. We love you all, we love you all.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

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