vote for your champion comms facepalm moment (and win a fab prize)

So, all those daft comments that people have posted about the moments of daftness.. can you help us pick a winner?

by Dan Slee

Truly there has been an avalanche of comments to the original comms facepalm post that set out some of the stupid things comms people get asked.

The daft requests, the clip art and the breathtaking stupidity of some senior managers. They're all there.

But is this outpouring of the arrrrrgh in pr a good thing?

For me, this is what eminent Irvin D. Yalom would say that this is an example of group therapy at work. By sharing, Yalom says, people can realise they are not alone, that there are people on the same journey and they can share knowledge and coping strategies.

But we got to thinking. It's not enough just to share. Doesn't this need some crowning recognition too?

So, we've chosen six of our particular favourites to choose the Champion Facepalm Moment for Comms in 2014.

There's no trophy. Most of the posts are anonymous but if you submitted them you will have the healing knowledge that your brothers and sisters really share your pain.

But... we need your help. 

We need you to vote for which one really takes the biscuit.

You can vote here on the six facepalm moments that stand out and we urge that you do.


  • 'Our website is rubbish. Change it by tomorrow at the latest,' orders chief exec whose son was a 'bit of a web designer' in his spare time. Submitted by Ginny.
  • Can you put the internet on a memory stick? I'm going to a meeting. Submitted by @kate_bob on Twitter.
  • Let's do some engagement but if we don't like the answers let's change them halfway. Submitted by Jon.
  • It's a great campaign but can you make sure its not too effective? Submitted by Kate.
  • I can't make the photocall. Can you just photoshop me in it? Submitted by Kirstie.
  • Let's make it two-way comms but only share the replies if we like them. Submitted by Ahhhhhhhhhh.


By the way, thank you for submitting a comment on the thread if you did and I'm sorry if yours was not in this list. Rest assured they have been read, re-read and laughed at by comms people right across the land.

Click this link here to WIN! WIN! Vote and win!

As an added incentive, we'll choose one voter at random to win a ticket worth £125 to commsforchange14 the excellent event in Birmingham on September 24. We'll also send you a £10 Amazon voucher.

You can vote for your favourite one here and don't forget to tell us your email address so we can make sure you get your prize.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

Picture credit.

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