seven reasons comms getting involved early is a good idea

As we put together commsforchange14 there's a regular complaint... comms is always asked to come along too late. In this post we put forward seven things you'll find if you start early or late.

by Dan Slee

We've all been there when the email comes in with news of a major launch or announcement the next day at 6pm the night before.

You are already batting with one hand behind your back before you even start to look at what the project is about.

But to be really clear, what happens when you as a communications or PR person get involved sooner rather than later? 

In this box we set out seven different scenarios and play out what happens if you plan your comms early or leave it late.

As you can see, getting to work earlier gives you the best chance of success. Leaving it to the last minute will only mean that you are playing catch-up and there's a chance that key decisions have already been made.

When faced with this scenario, your input as a comms person is limited to that of a glorified shorthand typist rather than a professional.

Later this week we'll look at how to increase the chance of getting involved earlier.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

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