#commsforchange14: in doodles

We staged the #commsforchange14 event in Birmingham last week. There was a lorry load of learning. Here's a few thoughts and a few doodles.

by Dan Slee with doodle from Karen Jeal

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we think that worked alright, didn't it?

Our first #commsforchange14 event was staged in Birmingham last week and was by all accounts quite a success.

People came, people spoke and people learned things in the morning and then in the afternoon people shared some good ideas and best practice and learned some more. If that wasn't enough then there was a rather fine whitepaper to go home with that captured some of the research we carried out beforehand.

Why did we stage the event?

We wanted an event that identified a problem, researched ways of tackling that problem and then had some examples of how the problem could be tackled. In short, a little like good communications does when tackling a problem. 

Looking back on the Storify we created after the event, it seemed to work judging from the feedback. I'm sure my colleague Darren Caveney and Nick Hill from PSCSF would join me in thanking all those who made it a success starting with all those who came along. Special thanks too to Govdelivery's Dave Worsell and Michael Bayliss-Brown who through sponsorship helped make it happen. 

Thanks to speakers John McPherson from Leeds City Council, Ade Capon from Yorkshire Homes, Paul Masterman from Staffordshire County Council and Byron Lewis, Blake Griffin and Victoria Ford from the DVLA. Thanks too to Emma Rodgers for arranging the walking train and doodler Karen Jeal.

But most of all to those who came. We love you. We do.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2oint0 and Karen Jeal is a digital officer in local gvernment.