up for the cup: september's most popular posts

September. A season of mellow fruitfulness. And back-to-work after holidays. But what was our most popular post?

by Dan Slee

It's a bit like New Year for the working man and woman, isn't it? You're back after holidays and there's a clean slate.

Back to school, back to work and if only you could start afresh with a new teacher and swap your current hopeless manager for someone different.

And options. "I'm dropping comms planning," you may say. "It's boring. So, I'm doing double Nudge Theory every Monday morning in the mobile classrooms."

Of course, there's no point in imagining how life could be in your current job. But armed with the shared knowledge of your number one linkage provider just think about what you could do.

Which leads us to the most popular post of the month, that eagerly sought after prize.

In fifth place, a list of Twitter applications for comms people from Ben Matthews provided some digital skills to help you keep up with things.

In fourth place, like Dark Side of the Moon a return for the comms facepalm post by that talented chap Dan Slee.

In thirdly, the wildly dashing Dan Slee with a post on making the frankly spiffing McLeod report accessible for hard-pressed comms folk.

In second place, the Rene & Renata slot, talented vocalist and comms midfield general Ade Capon on plans for housing day.

Which leaves in first place, Will Mapplebeck on his elegiac look back on what he learned in seven years in local government communications.

Thank you to all those who have written a post and also most sincerely, to anyone who has read, shared and painted in velum the contents of a blog post. You are lovely. We love you. We'd wake you up with a cup of tea if we could, but we can't. So, we'll send Will a plastic cup with a postcard instead.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

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