up for the cup: december's most popular posts

It never stops. Our award presenting. Although this time its a little more close to home with the popular posts of December.

by Dan Slee

December was a big month for us with the unawards and a load of other things... like Christmas, New Year and sorting out a new unoffice.

In fifth place was our 11 predictions for local government comms. A mazy dribble around the landscape of PR in one corner of the public sector. Actually, it's now 13 predictions. We added two more. You can read more here.

In fourth place, the fabulous Caroline Roodhouse with her post on ridiculous workplace rulkes that stiffle creativity. A blanket ban on biscuits? No stubble or beards? These offices actually exist, people. You can read more here.

In third place, our post on the tyranny of public notices in local government. Every year local government must shell out to place small ads at over-the-odds rates oin the mistaken belief that everyone reads newspapers. It'sarchaic and it must stop. You can read more here.

In second place, our post in the aftermath of the unawards. You can read more here.

In first place, unsurprisingly, the page on the unawards with all the runners and riders. You can read more here.

Dan Slee is co-creator of comms2point0.

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