#adayincomms: survey & twitter chat: we're all busy... but what are we busy with?

Ideas rich and time poor. That can be the comms team in 2015. But how are things with you? We'd like to hear your story.

by Dan Slee

"I'm just so busy," one person told me. "What I'd really like is a day where no-one emails or talks to me and I can just catch-up."

Of course, we're all busy.... it's just what are we busy with?

It's becoming clearer that one of the skills of a comms person faced with a to do list the size of Everest is to work out how best to scale it.

With this in mind we're staging a Twitter chat on Thursday October 29 from 12.30pm for an hour on the hashtag #adayincomms.

We'd like to know what is keeping you busy, how much time you spend on print media versus social media, how much time you spend in meetings.

And we'd really like to see what best ideas there are to focus on the stuff that really matters. Drop by for the Twitter chat.

In addition, we're running a survey #adayincomms to get some data on what people are up to. You can click through to the surveymonkey link here or complete it on the embed below. 

We'll post the results on this site and we'll feature them at our Comms Academy digital session on Wednesday November 11.

Create your own user feedback survey

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0. 

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