best of 2015: 22 of our best posts from the past year

Every working day we post content to Twitter and on many of those days we post blogs to the website too. We've always had a broad church and on a range of subjects. Here are some of the best from 2015.

by Dan Slee

One of the founding principles of comms2point0 was that it was a place for people to do and then share. That's not changed.

As we enter our fifth year much has changed behind the scenes. It's gone from a spare time activity to a full-time thing for both of us.

Both Darren and myself would probably agree that the community that has grown-up around it is many things. But it's always keen to experiment and to share. 

Here are some posts we think that stand to be read and re-read.

#thisgirlcan: a real woman campaign to get girls interested in sport When Sport England launched a campaign 'This Girl Can' aimed at women some loved it. Some hated it. But what do comms people think? We asked a volleyballing head of comms. by Emma Rodgers.

28 survival tips for #comms for a bad day: and only one of them is booze We've all been there. A shocking boss. A hopeless client. A journalist that gets the facts round their ear. It's the easiest thing in the world to have a bad day. But how to cope. One evening on Twitter we asked the questions and collected some interesting responses. by Dan Slee.

What's in your #comms room 101 I'd love a chance to appear on the TV Show Room 101, although I'd struggle to narrow it down to just five choices. But what would your 'Comms 101' choices be? by Emma Rodgers.

Five things for a busy stressed comms person from a Buddhist publisher. Just recently, the CIPR annual State of the Profession report put stress as a major issue. It regularly comes in the top two of most stressful jobs in the UK. Journalist is the most stressed. But what can we do? We asked a Buddhist book publisher for some thoughts and advice. It makes for fascinating Richard St Ruth.

40 skills you'll need in your comms team today. What a comms team should look like has been one of the things we've been bothered about for longest at comms2point0. We've written about it in the past. This is an updated look. by Dan Slee.

10 tips to make you better at Instagram - vol 1. As Instagram is becoming an increasingly important tool in the 21st century comms pro’s arsenal we share a few Instatips – here’s part one, which focuses on self-improvement. by Dave Musson.

Dear residents, please remember we are all human. Social media can be great. You reach residents you don't normally connect with. Of course, the flipside of social media is that can you get shouted at in your own time as this heartfelt blog says. by An Anonymous Local Government Officer.

Why internal comms needs more love. Over the past five-years, through comms2point0, we’ve had a unique and rather privileged opportunity to watch the world of communications evolve. We’ve seen first-hand how digital has become the dominant area of growth for many organisations. We've also watched as internal comms has failed to keep pace. And for some it is languishing. by Darren Caveney.

Why we are proud of the digital council resource. We've worked with the Local Government Association on improving social media skills for local government. They're available online. We think you'll like them. by Dan Slee.

Instatips to make you better at In stagram: vol 2: This time we shifts his focus to helping you make the most of the photo-sharing network as an organisation. by Dave Musson.

The problem with open data is open data people. For comms people the message 'look at the data' is important to shape what you do, what you say and who you say it to. The open data movement and communications people should be best friends. The trouble is, they are not. Is it time they told their story better? by Dan Slee.

Being the clip art and comic sans police and why it matters. Brand identity is hugely important and many comms folk will relate to this post on the subject. It's an instant classic. Print it out and put it on your office wall today. by Ben Capper.

Great stat! The benefit of an email subscriber is £1.51 and it's the same for social media too. New research has been published by Govdelivery that looks to pin-down the Holy Grail of digital communications. The question of how much followers, subscribers and likes is worth. by Dan Slee.

10 years of being a head of comms and what do I have to show for it? 10 years in communications is a long time. 10 years being a head of comms is a really long time. Lessons are a plenty so here’s a post which attempts to capture the key ones. by Darren Caveney.

An ever updated video skills for comms resource. As video grows in importance there's an ever changing debate about the role it will take and how comms people can use it. We’re launching this page as a place to make sense of it all which we’ll regularly update. by Dan Slee.

Your new three-person comms team. Who makes the cut? Very rarely in life do you get to choose a brand new comms team from absolute scratch. You normally inherit folk and work with what you've got. But what if you had a blank sheet and the chance to choose. Who would make the cut? by Ben Capper.

10 things I have learned being a head of comms. One of the best things about having the comms2point0 web site is the opportunity to showcase and share other people's rich learning. Learning from one another is at the heart of our ethos. This post ticks all of those boxes. by Paul Masterman.

5 reasons why you should review your comms... and one reason why you won't. There’s nothing new in saying that we should review and evaluate work to see what works. It’s obvious and it’s important. The problem is that many of us don’t do it often enough. by Darren Caveney.

40 stats you need if you work in comms in 2015. We know we live in a changing  landscape. Yet, every year out of the fog like a lighthouse beam comes a moment of clarity. That moment is the Ofcom communications market report. Here are some stats to know by heart. It’s 400-pages. We read it so you don’t have to. by Dan Slee.

Test me baby, one more time. Planning, planning. In the end it all comes down to good planning whatever the size of your activity or campaign. We asked one of Scotland's top comms pros to share some insight and lessons on the extensive planning activities which local government and partners undertake in Scotland. by David Grindlay.

The periodic table of internal comms. The periodic table was created in 1869 to bring together all the known chemical elements under one roof enabling them to be studied, discussed and understood. Russian chemist Dimitri Mendeleev also predicted the discovery of other elements, and he purposely left spaces open for Caroline Roodhouse.

United we stand. Managing a team can be a tricky business. Balancing egos, personalities, ideas, grafters, blockers and dodgers. The best teams usually boast a natural leader. Or two. by Phil Jewitt.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

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