online chat: the great static v social intranet debate

Intranets emerged in the early days of the web as places to put things you needed staff to know rather than the outside world. Over time many have become bloated with information. Hard to search they can be a forest of information wiuth few paths through. Social intranets have emerged that staff can engage with. But will they work in every organisation? We're hosting a web chat with bright people.  

by Dan Slee 

Got a few minutes to spare this lunchtime? We’re helping with a discussion over on Knowledge Hub you may like to join in with as you munch on your cheese sandwiches.

It’s about the possible benefits of social intranets over static ones and we’d love it if you’d swing by.

It’ll run from noon until 2pm on Monday July 20 over here on the internal comms group we look after (Log in required). It’ll be up to view afterwards too.

It’ll be interactive, so you’ll be able to ask a question and join in with the discussion.

What is a social and a static intranet?

We’ve been spending a bit of time on internal comms recently and amongst that intranets as an internal comms channel. We’ve been running a survey here and we’d love it if you took part.

A social intranet is a place where people can comment, start discussions and maybe even start groups. They have a log-in to act as a walled garden to the outside world and maybe even people outside your team.

A static intranet is that place we all know that’s a bulletin board. A one-way repository for information that is often dated and hard to navigate.

Who is the discussion for?

It’s also open to anyone who has ever got a bit frustrated with a static intranet and wondered what the benefits of a social intranet may be. It’s also for HR people, internal comms, web and comms people.

How will the discussion work?

It’s a text-based thing on Knowledge Hub so type in a question on a comment. Simples. And firewall-friendly.

There’s a panel too

We’re really pleased that a number of people have agreed to stop by at some point during the two hour window to give some insight. Included in this will be:

Paul Smith, experienced HR interim, who has worked extensively in local government.

Neil Tamlin, web developer of Cadwyn Housing Association, whose organisation uses a social intranet.

Dan Slee, director of comms2point0, who spent eight years in a senior role at Walsall Council.

Liz Copeland, of Knowledge Hub, who provide a social intranet called Social Hub.

Alison Hook is e-communications co-ordinator at Coventry City Council responsible for the intranet.

Albert Freeman, a corporate communications officer specialises in digital communications, has had recent experience of an intranet re-build at Bradford Council.

Bridget Aherne is head of communications and administration at Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue and is CIPR's director of the year.

John Fox is a SOCITM Better Connected reviewer, a former local government web manager and web and digital consultant.

Emma Rodgers is strategic manager (communications and marketing) Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

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