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Darren Caveney & Dan Slee = comms2point0.  Two communications consultants, we're brilliant at shaping strategies that deliver, generating fresh ideas that work (really, really well) and we champion the 'always be learning' mantra.  We believe individuals should always be working on their specialist communications skills and that organisations should be striving to improve the impact of their communications investment.  Whether you are an individual with ambition or an organisation who wants to do things a little differently, we can work with you on that.  Read about some of the people and businesses we have helped.

We are also the guys who co-created the comms2point0.co.uk learning space.   Home to fresh comment, informed opinion, in depth analysis, top industry jobs and expert feature articles, comms2point.co.uk supports, inspires and connects communications professionals across the UK, Europe and beyond.  We work with partners to bring new ideas and products to our community, we are always looking for good content and we occassionally let people guest edit the site.  Drop us a line if any of that floats your boat [or if you've got a brilliant comms job you want to shout about].

We also run the annual Unawards.  Now into it's third year, the Unawards is an alternative comms and digital awards event.  No black tie, no fancy dinner or sky high ticket price.  Just a celebration of all the good stuff happening in comms.  With medals [and the odd bottle of fizz].  Want to know more? Check out the Unawards website for all the details.


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Since starting comms2point0 over five years ago we’ve provided consultancy services for almost 100 organisations.  Organisations keen to tap into our 40 years+ combined experience in pr, marketing and communications [this makes us sound really old, we're not. honest]. We specialise in digital conversations, community engagement and public sector communications.  But we're also rather good at developing communications strategies, undertaking reviews of communication teams - their plans and activities, use of digital and their skill sets - assessing campaign performance and creating change plans that offer better engagement and improved outcomes.

We have created and led award-winning communications teams and we have worked at director and head of communications level in the public sector. So we know what it’s like to work at the sharp end of comms and we understand the challenges and opportunities you face. From our specialist consultancy work, and travels across the UK and Europe, we absolutely know what good practice looks like and we can help you create and deliver it in your own organisations.

We’ve been invited to Brussels, where we made a communications conference trend nationally. We’ve facilitated a two-day conference in Jordan for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. We have delivered detailed digital and social media reviews at over a dozen organisations and helped them create improvement plans to deliver best in class digital activity. And we’ve trained hundreds of staff throughout the UK in strategic comms, digital excellence and social media best practice (including 50 staff at a rather beautiful national park in the Peak District, where we also tucked into a little too much Bakewell pudding).

We have organised and hosted brilliant events in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Cardiff and have spoken at over 100 more.

We've undertaken big meaty research projects into digital trends, and small but significant online polls, focus groups and discussion sessions.

We also create and edit comms2point0.co.uk.  But you know that, because you’re here.  comms2point0.co.uk is a shared learning space, created by – and written for – creative communications professionals.  Home to fresh comment, informed opinion, in depth analysis and expert feature articles, comms2point.co.uk inspires and supports communications professionals in the UK, Europe and beyond.  You’ll find over 900 case studies and posts on the site now.  It's fast becoming an essential resource for comms, PR, marketing and digital professionals.

But comms2point0 is more than just a consultancy and a website, good as they both are. We’re also at the heart of a highly engaged communications community in the UK – and beyond.  We share good stuff, provide free resources and advice, create and run free events for comms folks to learn, collaborate, innovate and engage.  We also celebrate community wins through the annual Unawards.  A brilliant event, now in it's third year, the Unawards is the result of a growing frustration with the industry awards infrastruture in the UK.  With sky high ticket prices, ridiculous formality and questionable award decisions.  We wanted to create an alternative.  Created and judged by peers, informal, cheap as chips to attend and meaningful.  At last two events there's also been a film and bags of sweets.

We have built a strong @comms2point0 social media community - our platform of choice is twitter - where we share helpful links and advice every working day - morning, noon and night. We’ve not missed a day in five-years. 11k colleagues follow and engage with us here.  We’ll also share a great new tune or an amazing picture.   We create and share new content, we share good stuff other people are doing that we think our community will be interested in.   We also collaborate with other twitter users in co-hosting twitter chats, and collate event chat and advice under great hashtags - which sometimes get so big they trend. 

You'll see we take communications very, very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

To make all this happen, we sometimes work with very cool partners.  Our partnership philosophy is very simple: We only partner with people we like, respect and who have products and our services we would very happily use and endorse. We don’t believe in flannel, fluff or puffery.  We turn down a lot of partnering requests, not because we don't believe in the partner - but because we don't see a good fit. If we don't believe that everyone will benefit from a comms2point0 partnership: us, the partner, our community.  Then we won't do it.

But let’s end with this.  We’re award-winners, multiple times in fact. But no one likes a show-off.  We were nominated in the top 100 Digital Leaders in the UK, which we think is a pretty nice accolade.  Between us we have spoken on strategic communications and best practice use of digital communications at over 100 events. 

We believe we talk sense.   We believe we have much to offer. 

Read more about our work (and the nice things people have said about us).  Then get in touch.