from mena with love

I was hugely privileged to be able to chair and facilitate #MENAcomms14 with Dan Slee recently, on behalf of the Foreign Office, having been approached to get involved in their annual get-together of Middle East and North African comms and digital people.

By Darren Caveney

The event, which took place in beautiful Amman, was a real eye-opener - stimulating and fascinating in equal measure

I left MENAcomms14 with huge respect for our Foreign and Commonwealth Office colleagues for the work they deliver and the manner in which they tackle some of the biggest issues on the planet.

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seven reasons comms getting involved early is a good idea

As we put together commsforchange14 there's a regular complaint... comms is always asked to come along too late. In this post we put forward seven things you'll find if you start early or late.

by Dan Slee

We've all been there when the email comes in with news of a major launch or announcement the next day at 6pm the night before.

You are already batting with one hand behind your back before you even start to look at what the project is about.

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excellent... a survey and whitepaper for #commsforchange14

In September, some of the brightest minds in public sector comms will come to Birmingham for our rather fine #commsforchange14 event. Know what's even better? We're also publishing a whitepaper at the event and we're launching a survey to help shape it. Can you help?

by Dan Slee

The single biggest problem with communications, George Bernard Shaw once said, is the illusion that it has taken place.

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