virtual reality video: has a powerful film just pushed it to the mainstream?

For years virtual reality has been evolving with expensive headgear and clunky footage. But a powerful new New York Times film has signposted to a new era of story-telling that you can almost reach out and touch.

By Dan Slee

It’s difficult to talk about virtual reality without sounding like I did when I was a kid the first time I watched a colour telly during the Moscow Olympics in 1980.

It was round at a friend’s house during a birthday party and athletes from Europe and Africa in multi-coloured vests were sprinting around a burnt red track.

“It looked so colourful,” I remember telling my Mum later. “Can we have one?”

We had been without a telly for two years and the images soaked into my television-starved mind. It would be another two before we did.

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