gathering the ic crowd

Here's an idea. Looking for a really useful internal comms resource? You're in luck. A new one has been launched.

by Rachel Miller

Do you have a quick question that you wish you could ask other internal communications - or IC - professionals for help with? Do you know who to talk to about certain aspects of Comms? Who has case studies to share on enterprise social networks or communicating with remote workers? Where can you find other internal comms professionals?

On Monday alongside fellow Comms pros and friends Jenni Wheller and Dana Leeson, I launched The IC Crowd.

Essentially it’s a community and a place for people to connect and communicate. It exists already, and alongside Jenni and Dana, I’m bringing it together. There are lots of brilliant people around, specialising in and with experience of a variety of areas including change, social media, intranets, stakeholder relationships, branding, employee engagement, strategy, union relations; the list truly is never-ending.

Our channel of choice is Twitter. The IC community is thriving there and with so many connected and inspiring comms pros around, it makes sense to be the vehicle to gather the crowd.

How does it work?

To find out how The IC Crowd works, see In a nutshell, comms professionals tweet @theICcrowd with a query and others can give their answers by including @theICcrowd in their response. These are all retweeted by The IC Crowd, to share the knowledge.

The IC Crowd is for you to use and make the most of. Take a look at the questions that are being asked and see if you’re able to answer them or offer advice. This is by the comms community for the comms community. So why not give it a go – look up @theICcrowd and join in the conversation. Welcome to the crowd! Rachel.

Rachel Miller is an internal communication and social media strategist. She also blogs here

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