the elements of ic needs you

A marvelous new online tool has been created for internal communicators everywhere.

by Caroline Roodhouse

The Elements of IC is a unique community resource that will help comms pros demonstrate the complexity of their role, jump start discussions and plans, communicate more effectively and spark exciting new thoughts and ideas.

It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s colourful and crucially, it’s free and fun to use. You can explore it here.

The Elements of IC is the second phase of The Periodic Table of Internal Communication, created in 2015. You may have seen it shared around; it’s been enjoyed by thousands of communicators in more than 30 countries around the world. Some have even stuck it on their wall :-)

The Periodic Table of Internal Communication has evolved

No longer is it just a listing of IC elements, but now communicators can dig deeper into each element to find links to videos, articles, infographics, case studies, podcasts and more, all gathered together under one roof.

Thought leaders from the IC world have been eagerly awaiting this new development. Lise Michaud, Founder of IC Kollectif, has been a supporter from the start, "This project is the greatest example of collaboration at work. The Elements of IC is a brilliant tool that should be put in the hands of all communication professionals. I love the step further this new version has taken.

While it captures key sections of the process of communication planning, I find the combination of the elements with referenced resources, available at a click of a button, is particularly appealing. With so many aspects covered, you can't miss a single angle."

The Elements of IC has been given the seal of approval by the wider comms community too…

“This is magnificent….”

Keith Riley-Whittingham | Internal Communications Executive, Homeserve

“I LOVE this”

Kristin Hancock, Manager of Communications, College of Registered nurses of Manitoba

“This is an amazing resource. I plan to add it to my IC resource library and let it work its magic!”

Annique Simpson | Communications Assistant, Moorfields Eye Hospital

“This is a good day for ‪internal comms,  a fantastic new online resource has been launched.”

Jane Revell | Strategic Communications Consultant

“The Periodic Table of IC was one of our most popular posts of the year in 2015. This new resource will be even more popular – hat’s off, Alive :-) ”

Darren Caveney I creator of comms2point0 and founder of creative communicators ltd

“A cracking resource for internal comms and engagement –

and beautifully designed, well worth a delve into…”

Chris Horner | Strategic Communications Consultant, Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust

“This is not just a shiny new website, but an incredibly rich resource that will help you in your role.”

Rachel Miller | Director of All Things IC

And now it’s over to YOU

Much like the original periodic table's creator Dmitri Mendeleev, we’ve left The Elements of IC incomplete.

It’s been designed as an ever-evolving source of information.

It will continue to evolve, as does the profession. And for that to happen we need you, the comms pro, to submit YOUR sources as well as those you’ve discovered and continue to discover. We need internal communicators from around the world to lend their own expertise to fulfill its potential.

So explore! Dig in, take a good look around and contribute… The Elements of IC needs YOU!

Caroline Roodhouse is Content Creator at Alive With Ideas


image by Alive with Ideas