12 comms people and their top five apps

Research showed that most people only use five apps regularly. So, we asked some members of our community to name five apps they most use.

by Dan Slee

We rely on mobile apps to a huge degree to get things done - but which are people's favourites?

The answers can be personal and give an insight into what makes people tick.

Recently, we read that on average people may have a phone full of apps but only tend to use five. So, which five do you use most?

We asked some people we admire to list what's on their phone and there's some gems on the list. 

Sarah Gill, digital communications manager at Newcross Healthcare Solutions:

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my favourite app: 45 of the best from 16 people

Apps. There's thousands of them. But which ones are worth looking at? We asked some bright people what their favourites were. Here they are. Some for work and some for life away from work.

by Dan Slee

A good app can be a real help so we thought it would be a good idea to ask our community for some of their favourites.

There's a real range and what's striking is the range and variety that people swear by.

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