video: trust me, pr is dead... in brum

One of the things that truly makes our heart sing is hearing bright new ideas. Just recently, we hosted a session with former Edelman PR chief Robert Phillips. His new book 'Trust Me: PR is Dead' is a comprehensive takedown of many established practices and an argument for a new way. The good people at Boilerhouse made a short film so you could learn more.

by Dan Slee

Of course, it was entirely fitting that an event for a book about the power of networks should be held in a venue built by networks.

The book was Robert Phillips' 'Trust Me: PR is Dead' his take-down of the traditional PR industry in a post-spin networked world. We've written about it before here and here.

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'die! pr! die! die! die!'

The world is changing and PR with it. If you work in PR or communications there is a book and set of arguments you'll be hearing more of in the New Year. It cuts to the heart of what public relations is and does.

by Dan Slee

Fueled by a bottle of red wine a frustrated journalist and blogger wrote a bold post in 2006 called ‘Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die!’ that took an axe to one of the standard tools in the PR toolbox.

Now taught in colleges the Tom Foremski post was a battle charge against the Linus blanket of the press release and its 400 words of journalese, approved quotes and notes to editors.

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