a holiday book that tells a comms story

Switching off on holiday with a good book can reap dividends. There's an unexpected lesson in a book on footpaths.

by Dan Slee

Okay, so I went offline on holiday this past week.

It was cream teas, throwing stones on the beach and no internets. I followed my own advice and switched off.

It was like the 1970s only this time I had money.

One of the books I took with me and raced through was 'The Old Ways' by Robert McFarlane.

It's a book that traces some of the old paths of Britain and across the world.

There's the Icknield Way in southern England some of which was first trodden by hunters 5,000 years ago.

There's the deadliest footpath in Britain, the Broomway, which emerges at lowtide to link Essex with Foulness that has claimed a hundred lives.

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