getting the most from Flickr – the Midlothian way…

by Stephen McLean

Midlothian Council has found Flickr to be a really effective way of engaging with enthusiasts while also building a bank of photos of the local area.

A number of groups have been formed via the council’s website and through Rose Dewar -Midlothian Council’s Web Manager, who is a photography enthusiast herself.  These groups have submitted stunning photographs of Midlothian.

The Council’s Communications and Marketing Team has neatly dovetailed this online channel with the council’s print channels.  Each group has featured a competition, with the winning photograph featured in the Council’s award-winning tabloid, monthly newspaper – Midlothian News. 

The winning photographs are featured on the home page of the Flickr group and selected photos on the council’s website in the gallery: 

My Midlothian

The winner was also featured on page 3 of September's Midlothian News (PDF)

Midlothian in Summer

Winner featured on page 7 of November’s Midlothian News

Midlothian parks and open spaces

Winner featured on page 14 of December’s Midlothian News.  The winner also received a promotional prize as part of work to promote local parks and gardens.

Midlothian in Winter

Competition closing date: Sunday 12 February 2012

Building a bank of photos through Flickr has allowed Midlothian Council to augment its website by maximising the talents of local photographers.  Those who submit their photos have the opportunity to see their work in print and online.

And with such fantastic natural scenery, why would you not work with your residents in this way?

Stephen McLean is a Senior Press Officer at Midlothian Council

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