not entered the unawards yet? here’s why you should...

The deadline for the comms2point0 inaugural UnAwards is upon us. November 12 at midnight is the cut-off point. In two minds? Let us persuade you...

by Emma Rodgers

You’ve thought about doing them but you haven’t quite got your act together. Here’s why we really think you should.

It’s super speedy to enter – you only need to write 400 words - you’d probably get that done in 60 minutes. That’s one hour – let me say that again – one hour to potentially win a good old bit of kudos for you, your team or the hard slog that you’ve done

It’s really easy – no complicated entry criteria – just outline why you think yours is a worthy winner and you’re done. We’re not even asking for attachments, pictures or CDroms. Ahem.

It’s free to enter – yes, you read right – it’s free to enter.

The winners are going to be announced at a really alternative award ceremony in December where you get to watch a legendary comms film, see who scoops the awards and even get a couple of snacks and refreshments in the uber cool Electric Cinema in Birmingham.

This is a chance to shout about what you do and if you win it’s a great thing to take back to the Chief Executive and leadership team as just one way of showing the value that you add to your organisation.

It’s great for you personally and you will be chuffed to heckers if you win.

You can use it as a chance to nominate someone else you really rate in the industry – what better early Christmas present could you gift a colleague than that.


We know it’s challenging out there and lots of teams are going through really difficult times. In our view, that makes it even more important that you do this. It helps you show people what a good job you do and if you take just one hour to look back and celebrate a little of what you’ve achieved, we think that’s a job well done.

Here is the list of categories.

1. Best communications team  - chosen by the overall event sponsor

2. Best communications officer (this includes digital too) public vote sponsored by Alive - The Ideas Agency 

 3. Best small team (from one-man band up to three people max) public vote sponsored by David Banks Media Law 

 4. Lifetime achievement to comms public vote sponsored by Touch Design 

 5. Best post on comms2point0 in 2014 public vote sponsored by Alive - The Ideas Agency 

 6. Best internal communications campaign sponsored by All Things IC 

 7. Best communications for change activity sponsored by Public Sector Customer Services Forum

8. Best piece of creative comms sponsored by Capacity Grid

9. Best freebie or low cost communications campaign

10. Best email marketing sponsored by GovDeliveryUK 

11. Best social media campaign sponsored by Digital Action Plan

12. Best private sector/agency comms campaign or initiative sponsored by Lesniak Swann

13. Best ‘Worst comms’ (this can be anything from use of clip art, worst poster, silliest random request - feel free to be creative) sponsored by Alive - The Ideas Agency 

14. Best collaboration Sponsored by Knowledge Hub

More info here.

So go on, do enter. Don’t let the only thing that’s stopping you be you. Email or by 12 November with your entry.

And if you want to be there at the awards themselves here's the link to snap up a ticket here.

Emma Rodgers is head of communications at Stoke City Council

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