awards and getting out more

We staged the unawards and gave away 15 awards. It was an occaion to celebrate but also to connect.

by Dan Slee

There’s a good line about no-one listening to the Prophet in their own land.

I love it because it’s true.

My last job was working in an Edwardian Town Hall. It was as a proud declaration of civic pride built on hardwork and the town’s leather industry. On the outside there were gargoyles carved into the stonework and broad carpeted stairs that led to oak doors of meeting rooms. Inside those public rooms there were fire places and portraits of long forgotten dignitaries.

Visitors impressed would quietly tell me how it must be lovely to work in such a building.

I suppose it is, I’d tell them.

What happens day-to-day gets taken for granted and overlooked. It’s human nature.

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#unawards15 – the shortlist

Well that was fun.

Yesterday saw the end of our public vote and the announcement of the #UnAwards15 shortlist. I went slightly bog-eyed watching it all unfold but we now know the runners and riders in all 15 categories.

By Darren Caveney

Over 140 entries poured into the UnAwards15 from across the UK and from as far afield as Norway.

Central government, local government, NHS, Police, Housing, Fire, Higher Education, third sector and the agency world all took part and our 14 external judges have had quite a task in getting down to our final shortlist.

The standard of your entries this year has been high. We know this because some of our judges are hard to impress, But impressed they were.

Our love and respect for this fabulous comms, PR, marketing and digital community, which we all exist in, just grows and grows and thank you so much for supporting the #UnAwards15.

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know someone brilliant? nominate them and make their day

We know that a common complaint from comms folk, and others for that matter, is a lack of recognition for their work.

Whether it’s a brilliant campaign, managing communications through a crisis or just turning up every day of the year and being the best you can be it’s not a lot to ask to get the odd ‘well done’ or ‘thank you’.

But it doesn’t happen often enough and that is the ultimate reason behind the comms2point UnAwards 15. To shine a light on the colleagues proudly flying comms flags across the sectors.

by Darren Caveney

Now there’s only one thing better than being shortlisted for an award and that’s being nominated by someone else for an award. It’s a special thing.  It means you’ve caught someone’s eye, demanded their attention or impressed them with your creativity, doggedness, enthusiasm and skills.

Know someone like that? Then why not nominate them in the UnAwards 15.

All you need to do is complete this dead easy entry form here.

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the comms2point0 unawards: the story so far

The inaugural comms2point0 UnAwards take place in December in Birmingham. Here's a quick update on the story so far, and details of how you can get involved...

by Darren Caveney

First off, we wanted to repeat our huge and genuine thank you to everyone who has shown interest, entered awards, talked so positively and shared the love for the inaugural comms2point0 UnAwards.

We are very, very grateful.

As a result, it means that you have created the most popular comms industry awards in the UK this year*

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unawards update - and thank you

When we dreamed-up the unawards we wanted something easy to enter, social, not in London and something that everyone could enter. The response has been truly staggering. Thank you. Sincerely.  Here's the next steps.

by Emma RodgersDarren Caveney and Dan Slee

Wow and we mean wow. We simply have been overwhelmed with the number of award entries we've had for our unawards.

We knew it was hotting up  - our twitter antenae was telling us that you were pretty keen on the idea and yesterday, in true transfer deadline day style we saw the fruits of all that discussion result in over 200 award submissions.

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#comms20unawards: whats your worst comms of 2014?

So, here we are almost at the end of the year. And what a year it's been. Some good. Some bad. For this comms2point0 unaward category we'd like to look at the really bad comms of the year.

by Dan Slee

Worst comms of the year... that's quite a category to have a crack at.

While the comms2point0 unawards are about celebrating the best we've also held one of the slots back as a kind of therapy session.

It's WORST COMMS OF THE YEAR. Something so bad and so awful that it makes you just knaw your leg off.

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not entered the unawards yet? here’s why you should...

The deadline for the comms2point0 inaugural UnAwards is upon us. November 12 at midnight is the cut-off point. In two minds? Let us persuade you...

by Emma Rodgers

You’ve thought about doing them but you haven’t quite got your act together. Here’s why we really think you should.

It’s super speedy to enter – you only need to write 400 words - you’d probably get that done in 60 minutes. That’s one hour – let me say that again – one hour to potentially win a good old bit of kudos for you, your team or the hard slog that you’ve done

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launching the comms2point0 unawards

Alright, so the time is right for the comms2point0 unawards. It'll be a chance to celebrate good work. Are you in?

by Dan Slee and Darren Caveney 

Today we're announcing the comms2point0 unawards to help celebrate good work by comms people across the UK.

We want to hail the unsung heroes and the unpraised teams that are doing great work day in and day out often without credit.

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