what's in your room 101 part two

There was a tremendous response to Emma Rodgers' blog when it was first posted. A room 101 of comms. A room where you could send all the things you really don't like. After a slew of responses here is the second part.

by Emma Rodgers

Some great Room 101 tweets and comments were shared when this blog post was published. I wanted to include them so captured below is what they said. Thanks to everyone for taking part in the banishing. If only it was that easy. But my oh my that cleansing feels good.

  1. Corporate tat  (via @Mafjohnson )
  2. Can you procure me a hashtag (via @Balderdash33
  3. 'This statement needs more on the holistic multiagency approach we're taking with our strategic partners! (Via @PaulineRoche & @WonkComms)
  4. We need a logo (via @LucyTaylor014)
  5. Can’t you just do a poster (via @RossWigham)
  6. Add ppl who could have done it better - they just didn't know how!
  7. Those ppl who think it all just magically happens, rabbits & hats (10 & 11 via @manickmanda)
  8. When you go through "video season". There's 1 great one produced and shown then everyone wants one (via @padric_knox)
  9. Those annoying interlopers who think they can do comms! (via @MattClements11)
  10. I hate: being given 'designed' stuff in Word especially if it features clipart.   

And via the blog comments:


"I've written a press release for this"

"Don't worry, we planned this out so you don't need to..."

And this from someone I've worked with for years
"We had a project meeting this morning and we were talking about comms..."
So why didn't you invite me then?!

"Can you work your magic on this please?"
'This' being an event title, three lines of description and a date. No venue or time.

Via anonymous

Comms 'professionals' who say "it's just a few people on social media". Helloooooo, this is 2015 calling! Doing the ostrich is no longer a sensible option (if it ever was). Via Rob

Senior people who add needless and complicated jargon to media statements and press releases or who don't engage with staff, customers or media because they 'know comms'. Grrr! I via @varkio.

Emma Rodgers is senior communications manager at Stoke on Trent City Council.

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