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by Darren Caveney

I have watched a lot of TV in my life. And I mean a lot. I don’t mean the middle of the road twaddle that gets served up in the name of entertainment and puts me off ever checking the TV listings. No, what I mean are the real quality TV shows whose watching via ‘boxsets’ has become a bona fide pastime.

I have seen all of the classics. But now I am adrift and in need of something new to get into.

So I was after some recommendations and what better way than to ask the rather marvellous comms2point0 followers to chip in. And boy did you respond, with over 40 suggestions emerging.

And if you also fancy checking out something new this is a pretty great list from which to choose.

So what did we learn?

Well we learned that Paul Masterman’s favourite shows are Bullseye and Nogin the Nog. Well, “you can’t beat a bit of bully”.

Seeing the Brummie classic, Crossroads, on the list was a tad unexpected.

The Scandi shows featured strongly but most of the recommendations were US shows.

You recommended 44 shows in total (I’ve seen 22 of them, which some would say is sad. I believe the correct description is ‘well watched’.

And it gives me 21 new (to me) shows to explore (well, 21, I’ll skip the Kardashians, obvs – sorry ‘Super’ Luke Williams)

But what came top of the charts?

It was the new, Netflix version of House of Cards featuring the brilliant Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed - there’s a name check below next to your recommendations.

And extra special thanks to Lorna Prescott and husband who went as far as compiling a rather amazing list (of which I’ve seen no less than 30 of them. Ahem…)

Onto your recommendations…

@jenlucy Gomorrah. Naples mafia.

@vikihudds  Dexter? It's pretty gory but exciting. I'm guessing you'll have seen House of Cards. Transparent on Amazon Prime is good

@dosticen I liked The Americans. I'm a few episodes in to The Good Wife, enjoying that. I'll ask my husband, the TV guru

@AnnemarieBatson Person of Interest. And another one: Ray Donovan (v.good)

@CharStamper Did you watch the Scandi The Bridge or BBC Two's The Fall? If not, them. House of Cards, obviously.

@comms2point0 The Americans is quite good. And I've a soft spot for Elementary. If you haven't seen Fargo, that's worth a look too.

@laurafromaura Wallander, The Bridge, Suits, Dexter, Lie to Me, Luther …

@ThatPaulCoxon Oz, Six Feet Under, Dexter, Ray Donovan.

@CormacS63 try the Irish crime drama 'Love Hate'

@sarahkatenorman have you seen Spaced - a classic from my younger years :)

@InterimBoy  Have you tried the collected "Bullseye" episodes? Better than The Wire and there's more darts.

@MatthewWoolford really enjoyed Aussie political thriller The Code. Prob available in a box.

@davemusson The Returned - a French drama that was on Channel 4 - beautifully shot, great story + soundtrack by @mogwaiband

@ctownsenduk  The Vice. Oh, and Crossroads... ahem. But seriously, The Vice. Brilliant old police stuff. It's just like that, really it is.

@OfficialLuke  The Hills? Keeping up with the Kardashians? 

@LimegreenTwist guessing you've already seen Breaking Bad?

@ianrdexter  Currently getting into Friday Night Lights. Need to know your American football though.

@LetsBeWater Only one box set you'll ever need, and thats Quantum Leap, and because it's an older show, it even comes in an actual box.

@PhilRumens  House of Cards, the current US version or the 90s UK version.

@davidthep Edge of Darkness? An absolute '80s classic as valid today. Bob Peck, Joanne Whalley and ahem Michael Meacher :)

@jamieofficer The Tunnel?  It's bloody good too. Very bloody good in fact. Did you ever do Red Riding Trilogy? True Detective (first series) both super.

@travellingcoral  House of Cards, US Netflix

@KellyQHicks Deadwood is good, only three series

@jasonmackenzie Scandal? Borgen?

@EmmaRodgers This is England, Hit and Miss, Boardwalk Empire and Pacific are all pretty diamond. Bet you have seen them all

@dosticen  Darren I've stuck a v long response on FB for you! From my husband who I trust completely to curate my TV viewing :)

@sasbongo have you seen House of Cards?

@moomoobull  Burn Notice.

@andyreevo if you like a bit of Danish drama, The Legacy is very good too.

@InterimBoy Noggin the Nog! I rest my case, m'lud

@dosticen BORGEN!!!!! How could I forget. Watch it now!

@dosticen Tod is now adding Spiral to the list :)

@comms2point0 Well it’s clear that you lot prefer talking about TV shows than comms. I might rename us TV2point0.

@DanielCattanach Or you could go old school and rename it TV4by3 #retro


By the way, not on the list – and they should be – I’m adding…

- NYPD Blue

- The Shield

- Peaky Blinders

- The Killing

- Mad Men

- Entourage

- Vikings

And thankfully that fine Mr Prescott added the peerless The Sopranos else I’d have added that too.

Now, which one to go for next…

Darren Caveney is a TV addict, co-creator of comms2point0 and vice chair of LGcomms

Pic by me