#commsforchange14: in doodles

We staged the #commsforchange14 event in Birmingham last week. There was a lorry load of learning. Here's a few thoughts and a few doodles.

by Dan Slee with doodle from Karen Jeal

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we think that worked alright, didn't it?

Our first #commsforchange14 event was staged in Birmingham last week and was by all accounts quite a success.

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why we’re staging the #commsforchange14 event

Announcing an exciting event with our partners Public Sector Customer Services Forum that will help you deliver real change.

by Dan Slee

We’re pleased to say that comms2point0 is joining forces with Public Sector Customer Services Forum to stage an event which we think will deliver a stack of value.

We think this will work for comms and PR people but we think this will also be valuable for people who are working in your organisation on projects big and small that need communicating.

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delivering digital transformation through IT and comms

'Comms at the top table...' It's shorthand for having comms involved with the big strategic discussions early on. If you reach this place you can help to shape and deliver with people. This example which will be presented at #commsforchange14 about changes to tax discs really shows how working together can be really powerful.

by Victoria Ford  

‘This just shows how important comms is! Technically the code changes are in and ready to go........without comms it's useless.'

This was a text I received from our Chief Technology Officer, Iain Patterson, earlier this week.

He was referring to media coverage of a major change for DVLA - the abolition of the Tax Disc.

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16 gems to help you start to understand internal comms

Internal comms can often be the Cinderella part of PR and communications. It's often undervalued. But big schemes that need to be communicated well need to start with engaged and informed staff. There's a report that has stood the test of time is a good place to help start your understanding. 

by Dan Slee

Here’s a confession. It wasn’t until long into my career in communications that I realised the value of internal comms.

I used to stupidly think internal comms person was when you failed at being a press officer. There I’ve said it.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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seven reasons comms getting involved early is a good idea

As we put together commsforchange14 there's a regular complaint... comms is always asked to come along too late. In this post we put forward seven things you'll find if you start early or late.

by Dan Slee

We've all been there when the email comes in with news of a major launch or announcement the next day at 6pm the night before.

You are already batting with one hand behind your back before you even start to look at what the project is about.

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