why 300 seconds is a really good thing

300 seconds emerged from a realisation that women were not speaking at tech conferences. So, events to give speakers 300 seconds to talk on a subject of their choice happened. Here's why it is a good thing.

by Emma Rodgers 

Last week, I went to a 300 seconds event in Manchester. It’s been a long time coming – I had hoped to get to an event since I first heard about the initiative at #UKgovcamp in January.

It was there, in an unconference session led by @annkempster & @sharonodea that I first heard about 300 seconds and what it is all about.  Ann and Sharon had held a couple of 300 seconds events and were keen to get ideas and thoughts on how to take them forward. All in all, I found it pretty inspirational and knew I wanted to see and hear more.

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