involving and evolving internal comms

Staff are our greatest asset. How many times have you heard that? But if they really, really are then good internal comms really matters. Here's some feedback 

by Liz Copeland

I had the pleasure of attending a very interesting Melcrum member event last week, which aimed to explore how delegates could maximise the strategic impact of their internal communications with limited resource.

For me the main themes of the day centred on two words:

Involving – engaging staff with the business so they are motivated to go the extra mile and in turn become more productive.

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get your marks, get set, local government goes social

As social media week looms, the Local Government Association - the LGA - have posed a few questions. They want local government to get more social. During the week and maybe in the future too. Care to join in...?

by Michelle Rea, Sian Morgan, Liz Copeland and Kristian Hibberd

Over the last few weeks the LGA’s Communications team has been putting its collective head together on how we could use Social Media Week to further stimulate the use of social media by councillors, council officers and official council accounts.

Our thinking was that if local government made enough noise about all the great stuff being achieved by embracing the channel, the collective voice would prove powerfully persuasive to opponents, sceptics and the uninitiated.

We are keen to demonstrate through practical examples from the sector that using social media in a coordinated and sensible way can help enhance the reputation of local government, improve engagement with different elements of the community and drive efficiency.

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