we all need to change to get better - leaders too

by James Baker

"Have you ever done a search on CEO in Google images? (I got inspired after a recent social media training session I organised with the lovely Caz Yetman, and after reading this recent article on ditching the civil service tie.)

Go on, have a go - search, and see what comes up. How many people across the globe do you think might feel an affinity with the people in the results shown?

They don't really capture any expertise do they (despite the screaming suits and ties). Can you relate to them? Do they look like you? Your friends? Do you think they'd represent your best interests? Hmmmm not so sure now hey??

I think this also goes for the way in which CEOs, directors and politicians, have been positioned as some kind of other worldly creature, historically disconnected from the wider organization, industry or stakeholders.  

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