what aston villa's demise teaches pr and comms people

In football news Aston Villa have been relegated. They’re either one of the biggest teams in English football… or a delusional outfit who’ve won little since Queen Victoria threw a seven. It’s been quite a season dogged by PR blunders off the pitch and inept performances on it. But what does it teach comms people?

By Dan Slee

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don't turn an emergency into a crisis

If you are public sector there's a strong chance you'll be involved in emergency communications. It could be anything from a protest march to a terrorist incident. It's a fascinating part of the job. But isn't that crisis comms? Well, actually no...

by Ben Proctor 

I tell people that I work in emergency communications and, to be honest, most of them suddenly find they have an urgent appointment.

The vast majority of those that are too slow to make a convincing excuse will almost immediately say

“So, you work in crisis comms do you?” and I will almost certainly say

Yes” because I don’t want them to leave and, really, what does it matter?

Actually I think it matters quite a lot.

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