what would basil clarke the father of the british pr make of today's industry?

Public relations emerged in Britain in the first world war. But what would the pioneer of the field make of comms today?

by Richard Evans

The media landscape of today could hardly be more different to the one Basil Clarke faced when he became the UK’s first public relations officer in 1917.

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Charlie says here's a history lesson to open up innovation in your organisation

by Dan Slee

Generally it takes a cartoon cat and a rave track for good quality public information to stay in my head.

Charlie says don't knock around with strangers is priceless advice from the 1970s.

Nice of the Prodigy to update this advice with their track 'Charlie' but they really didn't have to.

One such effective point of public information I find myself referring to is from Tom Watson MP. 

In 2009 he came to talk at the short-lived Black Country Social Media Cafe. Tom has a reputation for taking on Rupert Murdoch in the phone hacking scandal but back then he was already well regarded by the internet community for his role as a blogger, advancing the cause of open data and opening up the civil service. Much of his talk has stayed with me.

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