what the k-hub can do for comms people

The Knowledge Hub is a platform for people in the public sector to share best practice. It can also be a place for comms people to start dipping their toe in the digital water.

by Leah Lockhart

The Knowledge Hub is a web based communication and collaboration platform built specifically for people in and around local government.

It’s secure, free to use, it’s not blocked by local authority IT security and it provides users with both basic and more advanced functionality as seen in popular social media platforms.

It’s a great place for comms professionals to cut their teeth using social media, finding and communicating with other comms professionals across the country and a great tool to complement intranets and traditional internal communications.

Communications professionals in local government are facing a changing landscape with staff and customers increasingly using web for communication, however, using multiple platforms well seems to largely be a slow slog in the local government communications world.

Whether this is because access to web and social media is limited or because colleagues don’t yet know how to use or consider digital alongside traditional communications the Knowledge Hub is the ideal place to start. If there is any anxiety about breaking into social media why not start on a safe place that is only visible to a specific audience before hitting the big open world of public facing platforms?

Internal communications is notoriously difficult to get right and consistently reported by staff groups as being poorly executed. Consider the Knowledge Hub when embarking on your next internal communications work, especially where there is an opportunity to consult staff on an issue or communicate sensitive information to a specific group.

It can complement your print, intranet and email communications and provide a private space for discussion and sharing.

While there are other platforms available for interactive internal communication, the Knowledge Hub has the edge in that it is free and allows users the ability to find and communicate with others in their area of work and sector which can be invaluable, especially when it helps limit duplication of work or provides failure for free.

Scottish colleagues looking for tips or guidance about using the Knowledge Hub can contact me on leah.lockhart@improvementservice.org.uk.

Leah Lockhard is online knowledge officer at the Government Improvement Service.

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