the internet: PR's savior or crucifier?

Jo Tarkowski is coming towards the end of her MSc International Public Relations course at Manchester Metropolitan University. And she needs our help, so read on...

by Jo Tarkowski

As the reading begins for my research, I can’t help but start to pre-empt what one of my key findings will be this: there is just way too much out there on the internet.  If I was a practitioner that had been in the industry for years without all of these digital platforms, and it was now a necessity to learn about them, where would I start? In fact, as a new PR professional, where do I start?

Arising from this, and perhaps more importantly, is the issue of online credibility. 

Due to the speed with which the internet allows ideas to be published, and how easily these ideas can be accessed, it becomes a prime source of information for people working across PR.  But is this a good or bad thing?

The trouble is, how do we decide who we should be listening to on the internet? Is it those with the most followers and hits? Is it those working for the top PR organisations? Is it posts that have research findings to support their claims? Is it something that was so good it was worth a retweet?

The online world has opened a mass of doors for the PR industry, but is it also causing just as many problems?

Who should we, you, I be listening to? Who are the real opinion formers, those with their fingers firmly on the PR pulse? 

Please share your thoughts with Jo below, or better still on her own blog here.

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